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Poilievre Campaigns Among Evangelical Christians

A little more than year before Canada is scheduled to have a general election, Conservative politicians are openly courting evangelical Christians, working to secure their support early, according to Global News. That news didn’t come as a surprise to Brian Dijkema, President – Canada at Cardus.

“The one thing that Christians and particularly evangelicals, but Christians in general in Canada, are wanting right now is a little show of support for a community that has seen, I think, significant restrictions of their freedoms,” Dijkema told Global News.

He added that the issue runs deeper than many might think.

“It’s not just freedom to go to church on Sunday. It’s freedom to practice the fullness of their faith in a pluralist society where others are free to do that as well,” he said.

Watch the full television version of the story by clicking the video below or read the longer online article here.

July 5, 2024

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