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Recent Issue  //  Winter 2020 The Tribes That Bind

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It’s no secret that an “ism” has arisen to diagnose our suspicious moods one to another as group identities become primary and social isolation burrows in—tribalism. Most of us are increasingly living disaggregated lives, our sense of wholeness and belonging fragile as we peer out on a landscape that can appear chaotic at best, hostile at worst. Where is a people we can call our own? By what criteria is this people to be identified, and how then should our allegiance play out? This winter issue takes a pause before these questions, exploring the prismatic meanings and manifestations of tribe as both are shaping our horizons today.

“I Saw a Man Fly! I Am Sure I Did!”   Mack McCarter

“I Saw a Man Fly! I Am Sure I Did!”

by Mack McCarter
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And the wolf will dwell with the lamb…

Reflections on Peacekeeping Lois Varenkamp
Lost Word: Tribe   Marlon Hall

Lost Word: Tribe

by Marlon Hall
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