Milton Friesen Life on a Line: Human Movement Through Urban Space and Time

Our lives, potentially, could be recorded as a continuous line representing movement in space from conception to dissolution. What would such a line tell us?

Recent Issue  //  Summer 2018 Social Isolation

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In this issue of Comment, we gathered voices that do two things: (1) diagnose and describe the causes and effects of the social epidemic of loneliness and (2) share signs of hope, stories of communities and people who are piercing the buffer. People are hungering for some sign that they are known. In today's society we are alone in being lonely—not that that makes us any less lonely. The culmination of history, as Christians confess it, is an unending feast, with a seat for everyone. Surely in the meantime, the body of Christ has something to say—something to show, something to do —for those who feel excluded, ostracized, forgotten.  

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