Who's Afraid of Social Justice?

Brian Dijkema Who's Afraid of Social Justice?

A robust defense of justice as commanded for the Christian, enacted by the Church, and defined for the world—from a talk that Comment Senior Editor Brian Dijkema gave at the Davenant Institute’s 2019 Convivium Irenicum in Lake Lanier, South Carolina.

Recent Issue  //  Summer 2019 To Build Is to Love

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Our world is shaped by humanity's desire to build and create—a desire that mimics the original Creator’s act of pure love. But is creating limited to artists and architects? In this issue of Comment, loving acts of creation are visible in all kinds of settings, from Wall Street firms to Midwestern farms, and they take many different forms: a daily commitment to one’s local neighbourhood; a compassionate kind of persuasion; or even a private thought. We hope you’ll be inspired to recognize the creative work of everyone around you who is faithfully building—and loving—in their own humble way.

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