May 22nd, 2009

I've always loved to draw. But the carefree drawing of early childhood gradually 'matured' to a conscious emphasis on technique and comparison. I remember at the age of 10 sitting down with a Glen Loates Birds of North America book that contained finished paintings and pre-painting sketches. I ended up erasing furiously and giving up that particular session in frustration when my duck didn't look like a real Loates duck. I have since discovered that photorealism isn't the point. Exploration of the good, the true, and the beautiful is more promising. Simple materials like conte crayon and paper can point to profound things. That's the wonder of drawing.

Topics: Arts

Core ideas that orient a significant amount of my work include the exploration of complexity science by means of various network approaches. Network dynamics are a persistent feature of our human interactions including the organizations, institutions and societies that Cardus is working to support and make sense of. Planners are also in constant interaction with these social structures at a wide variety of levels.


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