Babel and Pentecost
Babel and Pentecost

Babel and Pentecost

July 3 rd 2009

Digitally blended tactile media and photography

Between Babel and today, we've continued to build monuments to ourselves. Seeking to salvage fallenness, we sing about stairways to heaven and wave banners of creaturely pride. In 2009, our creativity remains lowercase, often driven by self-aggrandizement and reflecting only dimly the Creator's weight. Babel portrays the creature-Creator divide as a human-made alienation which obscures God's identity in mist.

It is God who must initiate, and at Pentecost it is God who powerfully does. In that moment, a forgiven humanity gathers around a Christ-bridged chasm. Empowered by reconciliation, and liberated by the Spirit from brokenness and the prison of language, we speak once again in free, worshipping tongues. Pentecost is the renewal of relationship between creature and Creator.

Topics: Arts Theology
Harold Sikkema
Harold Sikkema

Harold Sikkema is a visual artist with rhizomatous roots. His photo-based practice illumines a preoccupation with natural and liturgical patterns. His digital tapestries are exhibited and collected internationally. Current work is focused on curiosity, gesture, and collaboration. On Monday nights Harold sings Tenor. He credits the (McMaster) choral community with spurring on a lyrical approach to life. When not staffing the Flagship Gallery, or absorbing heady audiobooks, Harold paddles forward in Caledonia through freelance consulting.


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