Circle Series Line No. 1

March 28 th 2008

This piece is composed of transformed disposed remnants of material life, created first individually and then composed into a line. Through age-old techniques, such as embroidery, each little "impermanent sculpture" captures a sense of detail, craftsmanship and tactility. The use of materials such as fabric, entrails, wax, paint and plaster alter the utilitarian, commonplace or mass-produced object into something precious.

Space and relationship are important aspects of the work, as I hope to convey the interconnectedness of our mental and physical processes. (Circle Series) Line No. 1 honors the sacred nature of daily life, creating a resting place between impermanence and permanence, between vulnerability and control.

Topics: Arts

Nicola Ginzel has exhibited both internationally and nationally, with most recent shows at Jenny Jaskey Gallery in Philadelphia, the Corridor Gallery in Reykjavik, Iceland, and the Udi Alioni Project Room in NYC. She is the recipient of grants from the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation, Artists' Fellowship Inc., SIM (The Icelandic Visual Arts Association), Reykjavik Art Museum Residency, and The Skaftfell Cultural Center Residency in Seydisfj?rdur, Iceland. Her work has been included in exhibitions curated by Lydia Yee, Bill Arning, and Lisa Phillips. She lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.