Clowns at the Willows

October 24 th 2008

In this painting, I have layered multiple perspectives. There is a sense of space that goes from very deep to very shallow. There is a grid and structural elements, and a wood grain that has a silly quality, like a faux finish for the circus—I am bringing a sense of scale to the ambiguous landscape. In doing so, I allow just enough familiarity for assumptions and associations, which sets-up the very important element of surprise. My landscapes are structured on tension and surprise.

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Topics: Arts

Michelle Mackey grew up in Texas and still has a connection to the vast horizontal space of the southwest. During college, she spent some time painting and studying in Taos, N.M., Cortona, Italy, and South Carolina. In 1999, she received her M.F.A. from Pratt, in Brooklyn, and she has been living here in Brooklyn ever since. Last year, she had a solo show in Berlin at Galerie Kollaborativ, and she has had several solo shows in NYC with Paul Sharpe Contemporary Art.