October 17 th 2008

Art creates a space of freedom removed from life in order to reveal what is overlooked and represent possibilities. In my work I aim to create alternatives to the anesthetized "experiences" that are consumed in our economy. The experiences I create take form within particular spaces as meditations on transient materials. "Effulgence" is made of broken glass gathered from the streets of New Haven that is installed to appear to float like pollen suspended in air. This glass, each fragment with its own history, catches the light from the window as it travels throughout the day. Sunlight and the particular time of a particular day and season become additional media in the installation, as does the glass of the window from which the glass almost seems to be exploding.

Topics: Arts

Elisa Berry is an artist in New Haven who recently finished a masters in Religion and Art at Yale Divinity School. She hails from the beautiful land of Minnesota and remains in New Haven against her better judgment because of all the amazing people she has met there.