Fra Angelico Sketching the Holy Family for Georges Rouault

November 12 th 2010

Oil and acrylic on panel
10" x 8"

My artistic mentors are depicted here. The Renaissance artist Fra Angelico, known for the depth of his devotion, provides inspiration for Georges Rouault, described as the greatest Christian artist of the twentieth century.

The tradition of image-making in the church has formed our visual imagination, influenced our theology, and aided our devotion. Liturgical art serves to draw back the veil that separates the visible and the invisible. It enhances our fellowship with saints in the present and helps us draw near to the cloud of witnesses that surrounds us.

Topics: Arts

Tanja Butler is a painter and printmaker whose studio is located in Beverly, MA. She received her B.A. in art history and studio art and her M.A. in painting from the University at Albany, NY. Her work has been displayed in many solo and group exhibitions across the United States. She has participated in a number of print portfolios, including The Florence Portfolio, which is now part of the Vatican Museum of Contemporary Religious Art and the Armand Hammer Museum of Art, UCLA. She is currently an associate professor of art at Gordon College in Wenham, MA, where she teaches printmaking, painting, drawing, illustration, and liturgical art.