Group of 1000

May 2 nd 2008

Last summer, I saw this man in Huntsville, Ontario painting a huge replica of a Tom Thomson painting. He was stopping people as they went by to get them to put a dab of paint on the canvas. He said he was trying to get 1000 people to contribute and sign their name to a list. I took a minute to add a few brush strokes to the canvas, and then took his picture while he painted. I was happy with how the composition is dominated by the large painting and how he was framed by the reference taped to the cardboard.

Topics: Arts

Joel Reynolds lives in Burlington, Ontario with his wife, Andrea, and their 2 children, Isaac and Eve. He works as a graphic designer and photographer with the talented group at Compass Creative Studio, the firm responsible for the layout of the print edition of Comment Magazine. His photography can be seen at