Have I Lost My Way? (Minotaur)

February 4 th 2011

Graphite on frosted mylar with found object over map
30" x 42"

The Have I Lost My Way? series chronicles an honest review of my relationship with God. Each of the three works revolves around the myth of Daedalus. In these, the various characters from this tale overlap with me. I have appropriated these non-Christian narratives and reconstituted them as allegories for separation from God. Have I Lost My Way? (Minotaur) represents the most recent obstacle I have faced as a Christian: my desire to be in control. I do not mean this as an outright lust for power—rather, I recognize the responsibilities which have been placed in my charge and intend to see them through. My duties as a father and husband weigh particularly heavily upon me. Am I protecting them the best that God has made me able? Am I providing for them the best that God has made me able? Are we living in the place that God will use us most? Which path should I take? It seems clear to me that my obligation is to find the answers to these questions and act successfully upon the answers. I feel as though I am both Daedalus and the Minotaur, trapped within a maze of my own creation. What has been lacking is faith. I must do the best I am able and then trust in God to see it through.

Topics: Religion

Steve Neves was born in Belton, Texas in 1977. He spent almost every free moment of his youth exploring the creek-bottoms of Central and Eastern Texas. Steve also made things, including art, but never thought it would become a productive career. He received his BFA from Stephen F. Austin State University where he met his wife Dona. They conceived their first child, Luke, during Steve's final year of graduate studies at the University of Houston. Luke was born on August 24, 2004. This was also Steve's first day of work teaching sculpture, printmaking, drawing and design at Hardin Simmons University in Abilene, Texas. It was a very busy and very blessed time of life for the Neves family. Luke passed away unexpectedly from Kawasaki's Disease at the end of that semester. Steve and Dona faced an extremely hard time in their lives, during which they came to understand God in new ways.