Impacted Figure #5

March 13 th 2009

Granite fines in concrete

Figures from my "Major Impact" series are an alliteration on the impact of the automobile on human society. They are splashing human forms seemingly impacted by some major force. Yet this one (#5), for me is a portrait of Christ's three days while he collected and absorbed our sin. Most don't notice but there are holes in the feet visible on this piece. The life size piece is showing in Chicago, I have started giving the small ones away to individuals who have had a major impact on me, with instructions that when they tire of the piece they should re-gift it to someone who in turn has had an impact on them. We write the new name and date on the base. I hope to see these in 20 years with lots of names on them.

Topics: Arts

Thomas Aitken grew up near Detroit, worked in show car prototypes, then did his BFA. In the 80s his Colorado studio did museum replicas and his sculpture. The 1990s saw him back in Michigan managing 3D design while sculpting art privately. 1998 was a European assignment where he lectured at design schools, worked in several countries, and studied the masters. He brought new perspective on America home. His theme: "The Impact of the Auto on Human Society" is his passion. The hidden works from 2 decades are now castings, portraits of classics, and figurative pieces. For more, see