February 11 th 2011

Cardboard, paper mache, acrylic paint

The words viewer and reader are often used somewhat interchangeably in contemporary art theory. It is true that the reader and viewer both engage with culturally significant artifacts and digest them in a conceptual sense, but physically the actions of viewing and reading take on very different appearances. Reading often requires a tactile engagement with the object that is intimate and personal, while it is rare to have a similar physical interaction with a work of art. By removing the expected content of these book objects and placing them in a traditional art setting, we are called to explore our role as the viewer/reader.

Topics: Arts

Abby Christensen is a Chicago based artist, who is currently working toward her BA in Studio Art at Trinity Christian College. Her work has been included in group shows both in Chicago and internationally. She is part of a painting collaborative group on Chicago's south side and spends any extra free time in her studio or exploring the museums and galleries in her fair city. She also likes books. A lot.