Majestic Ringed Glory

December 5 th 2008

Each year more and more planets are discovered orbiting other stars in our galaxy. In this piece a hypothetical ringed gas giant planet is depicted from one of its orbiting moons. The moon has a thin atmosphere created by erupting geysers on its surface and the Milky Way can be seen draped across the background.

The piece was created using a combination of acrylic paint on illustration board and digital media.

Topics: Arts

Edwin Faughn is an artist and lecturer specializing in space sciences. His work has been featured in and on the covers of numerous space science magazines, exhibitions and planetarium productions such as Scientific American and the world premier of Titanic: The Exhibition. Over the past 25 years he has presented hundreds of lectures to diverse audiences in schools, universities, museums, aviation firms, churches and other faith based and civic organizations. He is the assistant director of Rainwater Observatory in French Camp, Mississippi.