Sonnet (1st place): "Another Look"
Sonnet (1st place): "Another Look"

Sonnet (1st place): "Another Look"

September 1 st 2010
Appears in Fall 2010

It seems, at first, as if the broken stones
are meaningless. Look closer. Can we say
something of value? Notice, here, the way
the practiced chisel marks suggest the bones

and careful study of anatomy.
What of their metal skills? To craft a blade
equipped to chisel marble implies trade
and special talents. Blacksmiths. Some degree

of mining expertise. Do not forget
the story's told by someone else. Who knows
what motivation his retelling shows
or what detail he chooses to forget?

Remember: there is always more to find
by close examination. Train your mind.

W.F. Lantry
W.F. Lantry

W.F. Lantry received his Licence and Maîtrise from L'Université de Nice, M.A. in English from Boston University and Ph.D. in Literature and Creative Writing from the University of Houston. He is the recipient of the Paris/Atlantic Young Writers Award. In 2010 CutBank awarded him the Patricia Goedicke Prize in Poetry and the UMB William Joiner Center named him a finalist for the Ellen LaForge Poetry Prize. His poems have appeared in The Wallace Stevens Journal, Prairie Fire, Ellipsis, Unsplendid, Istanbul Literary Review and Sixty-Six: The Journal of Sonnet Studies. He spent twenty years as a professor of English and now serves as the Director of Academic Technology at The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C.


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