December 5 th 2008

Collograph print

"Struggle" is meant to get at the heart of what is common to all of us without specifics. Paul wrote in Romans that he wanted to pursue the right things yet at times found himself actually doing the wrong things—doing what he did not want to do. Even on the smallest scale there are times in which we all struggle with God, ourselves, and a sense of failure. But then there is hope through the struggle, just as Paul found hope. God, the Lord of Light, still remains with us through those difficult times. He sees where we struggle and where we fail, but His presence is constant and He is the only one that can save us from the guilt and shame we feel.

Topics: Arts

Yvonne Valenza graduated with a BFA in 2006 from Kutztown University with a concentration in Printmaking. Most of her work takes on themes of bondage and freedom in our relationships with one another, with God, and with the self. She is also exploring ideas of the mysterious and the concrete with the use of canvas textures and blending/layering colors. For four years, she worked with the Coalition for Christian Outreach (CCO), ministering to young artists at the University of the Arts and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Currently, she is working in a veterinary clinic as part of her love for God's creatures, and ministers to art students at her church in her spare time. Yvonne and her husband live in Philadelphia.