The Juggler
The Juggler

The Juggler

June 13 th 2008
The Juggler

Drawing #1 from the Dreaming Of Lions Suite

"The Juggler" is the beginning image in a sequential narrative series which illustrates the creative genius of a messenger character reaching into a dark prison environment with a harlequin-like grace in a juggling light show. This image is tableau style vista that speaks into the reality of the adversity of suffering of Christians throughout the world. But it also declares in a fresh way the power of the GOD who speaks in pictures into our situation.

The whole series, which took four and one half years to complete, is rendered in chalk pastel. The giclee print version is installed at several places in the world, including Redeemer University, Tyndale Seminary, Regent College and the Biblical Seminary Of Colombia, Medellin. This series is the core springboard of a ground breaking teaching ministry through the arts to churches in Ontario and artists groups around the world.

Topics: Arts
James Tughan

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