The Living City

October 3 rd 2008

The message of this piece is very simple. It's the same message conveyed by green grass poking through the cracked cement of a parking lot, or a splash of pink spray paint on a decrepit, old building. It's about the unexpected beauty of city living. It's what I see everyday taking transit around town. As I spend more time downtown Hamilton, I'm always astonished by how alive and lovely this city is if you're willing to look closely. Like any city in the rough, if you let the sunshine illuminate what's in front of you, you'll be surprised at what emerges - hidden beauty waiting to be discovered. Urban sprawl and smoggy skies can try to cover up the potential of a struggling city, but the colours of life and hope will always peek through if we let them.

Topics: Arts Cities

Julie Konyndyk is a graphic designer living downtown Hamilton. A playful professionalism characterizes all her work, whether it be for a client, or for the simple joy of creating art. In addition to technical knowledge, she also brings a sense of visual balance and artistic integrity to any project, due largely in part to her fine art background. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts in the fields of Art and English from Redeemer University College last spring. She is currently working full-time for a graphic design firm in Port Credit, while continuing to freelance on the side.