The Sound of Their Wings

April 30 th 2010


I have tried in this drawing to capture sound . . . the sound of the horses and the sound of the bees. There are three bees, representing the trinity, diligence and faithful industry while the beetle crawling into the book represents evil, always eager to destroy the fruits (apple slices) of the righteous. It is the silent enemy. In the background of this complex drawing are the horses still preparing for their mission. (Looking ahead to the horse and riders found in John's Revelation)

This image is an engraving of an oil painting by Rosa Bonheur called 'The Horse Fair'. The books of knowledge, stacked, opened as well as closed, represent God's letters to us, along with the music and two musical instruments, which are the means for knowing and worshiping God. Finally the white cloth, ready to be unrolled as the white robe of our righteous LORD that covers His people.

Topics: Arts

Nicora Gangi: Born in Indiana and educated at the Hartford Art School(Hartford Connecticut) Montclair State College and Syracuse University(BFA 1974 and MFA 1976). Married to Bruce Manwaring and resides in Syracuse, N Y.