Week of January 9, 2011
Week of January 9, 2011

Week of January 9, 2011

January 14 th 2011

A wunderkammer of discoveries, compiled by Comment and illuminated for our readers' edification and entertainment. We do not necessarily endorse the external content below.

Make sure you're tuned in to these publications, indispensable siblings to Comment's work:

The Other Journal, out of the Mars Hill Graduate School, aims to "create space for Christian interdisciplinary reflection, exploration, and expression." Sections include theology, creative writing, art, reviews, and social justice.

Art House America's Blog is the brainchild of co-founders and Comment friends Charlie Peacock and Andi Ashworth, and editor Jenni Simmons. It exists to "share and communicate truth, justice, creation care, hospitality, good food and drink, how to raise up artful children, music, all things bookish, photography, visual art, the magic of stage & screen, and the handmade life, as well as the many creative layers that each of those topics encompass."

And the energetic folks behind *culture is not optional produce several quality, regular publications, including the biweekly catapult magazine ("on the implications of following Christ in and through all aspects of culture"), and the quarterly print journal road journal (compilations of artwork and catapult pieces).


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