Week of March 13, 2011
Week of March 13, 2011

Week of March 13, 2011

March 18 th 2011
  1. Image Journal Event in Toronto: Our friends at Image Journal present an evening of readings, music, and discussion with musician Miranda Stone and writers Deborah Joy Corey, Luci Shaw, and John Terpstra in Toronto on April 28.

  2. On the Politics of Pastiche and Depthless Intensities: The Case of Barack Obama, a piece by the author of Mediated (a favourite of many of our readers) in The Hedgehog Review.

  3. Toronto launch of Jonathan Chaplin's new book on Dooyeweerd, March 23 @ 2 PM. Be there!

  4. Dana Gioia: The Role of the Poet-Critic... an old but good interview with the former head of the US National Endowment for the Arts about criticism and poets.

  5. Confessions of a Recovering Op-Ed Columnist

  6. Lenten Revolutions: "Christianity can only succeed as a guide to current humanity if it does two things. First, it must take the need for human transformation as seriously as do modern revolutionary movements . . . Second, it needs to clarify and exemplify realistic methods of human transformation. It must show how the ordinary individuals who make up the human race today can become, through the grace of Christ, a love-filled, effective, and powerful community." —Dallas Willard, The Spirit of the Disciplines. Are there any modern revolutionary movements left?


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