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  • A Fresh Eye On Education

    Ray Pennings, and Danielle Smith, Deani Van Pelt

    In late March, parallel to the annual Manning Networking Conference in Ottawa, Convivium's parent think tank Cardus hosted a panel discussion on educational innovation. Alberta journalist Danielle Smith spoke with Ray Pennings, executive vice president of Cardus, and Deani Van Pelt, President of Edvance Christian Schools Association.

  • Razing the Temple

    Raymond J. de Souza

    In the light of Good Friday, the Holy Week burning of Notre Dame de Paris provides spiritual illumination for the broken – then gloriously resurrected – body of Christ, writes Convivium’s Father Raymond de Souza.

  • Rise Again

    Peter Stockland

    In the example of the new life given his Quebec parish church, Convivium Publisher Peter Stockland witnesses the living hope that makes Christians an Easter people.  

News & Views

  • Daycare Double Standard

    Andrea Mrozek

    Childcare activists are attacking the Ontario government for changes to ratios for independent providers but praise even lower standards in Quebec and Sweden, notes Cardus Family Program Director Andrea Mrozek. The price of raising a child, she argues, is eternal parental vigilance.

Sacred Spaces

Photography is the art of seeing, which can bring the sacred to light and give pause to reflect, to ponder, to pray. Submissions welcomed for consideration:

Steady into the Wake

April 15, 2019

There is courage in venturing out with the intention of returning home again.

Buffeted Back

April 15, 2019

A home on the waves and a creature all her own. She has carried me, doubts and all.  

Safe in Harbour

April 15, 2019

Looking like their own herd, I watch their dance, advancing into the deep blue sea for another day of catch and release, their small bows a kingdom unto themselves for all the day long.


April 10, 2019

The water shifts, coming and going — a loss that takes something with it as it goes. The passage of time has not been kind, smoothing away the edges, erasing the very substance of the stone structure.

Voices From the Crowd

Millions of Canadians live their faith through everyday acts. Voices From the Crowd seeks to stitch those stories together. Submissions welcomed for consideration:

Word Shed

Rev. Fred Marshall

Newfoundland Anglican minister Rev. Fred Marshall dreamed of drawing more local men into his church. God told him to build a wooden shed instead.

Virtue in a Backpack

Christopher Konrad

Reducing the material world to what can be carried, lodging in hostels and sharing with transient strangers, Chris Konrad grasps how the ache of pilgrimage can become the beginning of spiritual practice.

Living by Faith

Dan Chook Reid

Often, we do not realize what we have put our trust in until those things have failed us. As Convivium contributor Dan Chook Reid navigates his cancer diagnosis, he and his family forgo fear and embrace risk, discovering how God stretches and strengthens them.

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