Cardus' busiest research project explores the deep connections between education and cultural formation. This relationship is constantly changing and Cardus, through research and networking activities, identifies the areas in this landscape that merit further attention in our efforts to contribute to a more robust social architecture.

Social Cities

We live in a time that is dominated by cities. They are socially complex, represent massive resource investments, and generate human and cultural outputs at a startling scale. Cardus is at work discerning the nature of human thriving amid the complexity and diversity of our urban experiences.

Work and Economics

What we believe and how we work are more connected than we often think. At Cardus we think we're onto something—a way of connecting belief and behaviour in work and economics—a way of organizing our understanding of work and economics in North America that can contribute to the common good.

What are research programs?

Cardus is a public policy think tank, based in North America. Our mandate is not just to study and learn, but to go somewhere with the best available research.

These marquee research priorities represent specialized areas of Cardus' influence and expertise. They reflect the organizational urgencies that inform our most intensive activity.

What is Social Architecture?

Ray Pennings, Cardus Executive Vice President, speaks to our research priorities and what we hope to achieve. Click image to play.