Helping people live together at their best

Founded in 1974, Cardus is an independent think tank located in the heart of Canada.


We work toward a healthy society.

We focus on

  • Human dignity,
  • Strong families,
  • Religious freedom,
  • Formative education, and
  • Healthy communities

We assert

  • Everyone believes something about what life is for, and about how we should live together.
  • Everyone should contest for their views of how we should live together, as long as we are peaceful and respectful.
  • How we decide to live together matters, for how the vulnerable are supported, how power is exercised, and how people flourish with dignity and purpose.
  • We don’t have all the answers. We will sometimes be wrong.

And so we try to be

  • Hospitable: promoting the highest standards of civility and respect
  • In Dialogue: acting in good faith, seeking what you can teach us
  • Excellent: imaginative, entrepreneurial, persistent, diligent
  • In Service: to leaders, and through leaders
  • Hopeful: committed to truth