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Cardus launches The Convivium Project—a project dedicated to faith in our common life. We are convinced that religious faith is critical to our Canadian common life. That is a contested position today, as formidable forces seek to drive religion to the margins of public life. That's not good for religion, but neither is it good for our common life.

The Convivium Project will engage Canadians who take faith seriously as an essential part of the conversation we have about our life together. That's what convivium means—living together. It implies a certain good cheer and hospitable spirit, as found at a festive banquet—a convivium. The Convivium Project brings together citizens—Canadians of differing convictions and religious confessions—to advance that conversation and contend for the role of faith in our common life.

It's a project sponsored by Canada's leading Christian think tank: Cardus. It's led by two of Canada's leading religious voices—Peter Stockland and Father Raymond J. de Souza. The flagship of the project is Convivium, the magazine. The project includes public lectures, intellectual formation for young people, symposia and seminars connecting those who are strengthening faith in our common life.

The Convivium Project will be an authoritative voice for the role of religion in Canadian society.

If you want to know how to defend the role of religion in public life; if you want to show your children that a faithful citizen is not a contradiction in terms; if you want to encourage university students to challenge the secularist myths they are regularly taught—then you need to join The Convivium Project.

Members of Convivium get the magazine, of course. More than that, they join a community. A convivial, cheerful community that connects citizens committed to the renewal of Canadian culture and our common life.

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Looking for the Centre for Cultural Renewal?

Before joining with Cardus in 2010, the Centre for Cultural Renewal existed to explain faith to culture and culture to faith. That mission remains core to the work of Cardus and the Convivium project.


"It has been so refreshing . . . to have made the discovery of your new publication Convivium. People of religious conviction are so frequently vilified and ridiculed in the popular media, and it has such a chilling effect on any conversation concerning faith-related issues. Standing up to speak on behalf of faith—and especially socially conservative faith—in the current climate is to invite not just argument but attack. There are few people willing to stand and speak under such conditions, but I am continually thankful for those who do."

Kerry Dickson, June 1 2012

"I have just become a member and am absolutely delighted. For years, Pope Benedict XVI has been stressing the fact that FAITH must be accompanied by REASON. Here is, at last, a forum where matters can be discussed in a non-confrontational manner that will invite further intelligent conversations and meaningful dialogues."

Leslie Michael, March 30 2012
Maple Ridge, B.C.

"Went to the launch of this magazine last night in Vancouver. This promises to be a game changer for this nation. I highly recommend subscribing and spreading the word."

John Hof, March 9 2012
Langley, B.C.

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