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  • We've Got to Talk

    Ray Pennings

    Recently, Convivium has run columns rebutting accusations of discrimination against an independent Christian school in Surrey, B.C. Today, Cardus Executive Vice-President Ray Pennings unveils research showing religious schools are needed precisely because faithful North Americans have deep misgivings about government-run schools harming spiritual formation.  

  • Freedom Beyond Choice

    Aaron Neil

    The political left and right both advocate for free choice as society’s ultimate good. Doing so, argues Cardus Researcher Aaron Neil, neglects the imperative of choosing the highest good that is God.  

  • Mulroney Among Us

    Peter Stockland

    It’s more than a quarter century since Brian Mulroney stepped down as Prime Minister yet his commitment to institution building remains unrivaled by all but our greatest leaders, Peter Stockland contends.

News & Views

Sacred Spaces

Photography is the art of seeing, which can bring the sacred to light and give pause to reflect, to ponder, to pray. Submissions welcomed for consideration:


March 19, 2019

Weeds are only pests because we decided we didn't want to see them. But who else runs to greet spring and clings on despite questionable conditions? The wind has lost its edge, which feels like a gift of its own. Maybe I will be tolerant and accept this fellow eager greeter.


March 19, 2019

Slowing down to see the details and to hear the quieter voices. Something in the silence says, the winter will end as I promised it would. The smell of change is in the air, and as the earth softens there's a reminder that pleas don't go unheard. Fingers trail and feel the softness and the tender life.

Creeping Crocus

March 19, 2019

They run ahead to spread the news: Spring is coming. Soon other flowers will follow, looking decadent compared to the colourless landscape that held a firm grip not long ago. Is there anything more hopeful than their cheery faces when the trees still stand bare?  


March 01, 2019

You could miss it if you don't look at exactly the right gap in the trees, from the path.

Voices From the Crowd

Millions of Canadians live their faith through everyday acts. Voices From the Crowd seeks to stitch those stories together. Submissions welcomed for consideration:

The Good Faith Work of Jimmy Pattison

Lloyd Mackey

The life story of B.C. entrepreneur and philanthropist Jim Pattison testifies to his Christian capacity for working across differences to achieve the greater good, writes Convivium contributor Lloyd Mackey.

Opening The Gate for Baha’i

Geoffrey Cameron

Geoffrey Cameron reviews the film The Gate: The Dawn of the Bahá’í Faith, the first cinematic attempt to portray the life, history, and teachings of The BábThere are challenges in interpreting the lives and teachings of Prophets and Messengers of God, he writes.

Moved by Music

Brian Doerksen with Hannah Marazzi

Musician Brian Doerksen sits down with Convivium to discuss how music shaped him, how the needs of his family shaped his music, and how, in the end, collaboration is life.

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