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Submissions welcomed for consideration:

  • The Camino Diaries

    Julia Nethersole and Susan Nethersole

    In fall 2014, Convivium's community and partnership coordinator, Julia Nethersole, walked Spain's 775 kilometre Camino Francés (The French Way). She followed in the footsteps of her mother, Susan, who had started the trek in June. Though mother and daughter travelled separately, their diaries detail the powerful spiritual union of pilgrimage

Sacred Spaces

Photography is the art of seeing, which can bring the sacred to light and give pause to reflect, to ponder, to pray. Submissions welcomed for consideration:

Subway Suspension

June 05, 2018

The tiled roof of the old subway station gleams in the late afternoon sun. This station has been the centre of our small European village for as long as I can remember.

An Angle Entirely New

June 05, 2018

Lines, obtuse, angled, harsh, specific reach every which way. A concrete jungle, I thought bitterly, wishing not for the first time for the rolling hills of my hometown so very far away at this moment.

Sacred Silhouette

June 05, 2018

In the early morning light a woman’s silhouette can be seen crossing the street. She stops and turns.

Voices From the Crowd

Millions of Canadians live their faith through everyday acts. Voices From the Crowd seeks to stitch those stories together. Submissions welcomed for consideration:

The Bittersweet Space of Goodbye

Alida Oegema

It takes faith not only to grab hold of things, but to let things go, reflects Alida Oegema. As she prepares to leave Canada's West coast for a new city and a new beginning, she writes on the ways she sees God leading, sustaining, and surrounding her and her husband-to-be.

The Resurrection Does Show Up

Judith Cooke

As a psychotherapist, Judith Cooke's vocation is to walk with people through the darkness of their lives. As she listens through Andrew Peterson's album, Resurrection Letters vol. 1., she sees a vision of life that can foster resilience and deep faith. She sees light and darkness side-by-side, with small moments that point again and again to resurrection. 

Love That Wrestles the Imperfect

Karen Esau

For humans in this snow-globe of a planet, where war-shaken cultures are being rapidly dispersed across the continents, to love means to keep re-engaging with each other, writes Voices contributor Karen Esau.

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In a secular age, there is a push to strip the public square of all signs of faith. But freedom of religion and freedom of expression are the bare basics for a people to call themselves free. Convivium is a voice for the rightful role of faith and for people of faith in our pluralistic society.

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