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Feb 18 2011
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Give Convivium (membership)

Religious faith is critical to our Canadian common life. Show your children and loved ones that a faithful citizen is not a contradiction in terms—get them into The Convivium Project.

Donation - Convivium

Your donations, in addition to the basic membership fee, are greatly appreciated to help sustain this project. Donations of $200 or more include a complimentary membership and are entirely tax receiptable..

Renewing Canada's Social Architecture

In this landmark speech, President Michael Van Pelt lays out the task of what he calls "renewing Canada's social architecture." He argues that civic, social, cultural and economic flourishing requires a new and different arrangement of our social institutions. This can only happen with a different understanding of culture-change and a new openness to...

We Are All Complicit

Why the American Dream remains elusive for so many of our kids.