A Chance for Something New

Going back to the same life we had before the COVID-19 pandemic won’t be possible – and isn’t what we want anyway.

With so much having changed, and so much of our government and social order upside down, we can’t just rebuild. We need to replace what we had before with something even better.


Watch as Michael Van Pelt, President and CEO of Cardus, analyses the moment we’re in and outlines ways to repair society’s building blocks in order to create a new and lasting structure.


If you care to peer further past the troubled horizon with Cardus, why not check out our research and the hopeful solutions we offer?


Want to dive into any of these ideas? Here’s some of the research we’ve done on:

  1. Government in its rightful place
  2. Supporting our neighbours
  3. A credible COVID-19 exit strategy
  4. Strengthening the family
  5. Education reform