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Public theology for the common good.


A movement, not just a magazine.

Comment is one of the core publications of Cardus, a think tank devoted to renewing North American social architecture, rooted in 2000 years of Christian social thought. In our print and online essays and reviews we zoom in on the multiple components that make up this “social architecture”: the institutions that serve as the scaffolding and skeleton of social life. It’s our families and financial systems, politics and education, museums and labour unions, and much more.


Real human beings.

Disagree with something you read? Didn’t receive your copy? Having trouble logging in? Want to sing our praises? Just want to chat? All of these-er…except the last one-are great reasons to contact us.


In it for the long haul.

We’ve been doing this since 1983. Thanks to our donors and patrons over the decades, Comment has spoken public theology from the time of the Cold War to today. If you’re missing out, it’s time to get on board-your head and heart will thank you later.