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Janet Epp Buckingham is a professor at Trinity Western University and the Director of the Laurentian Leadership Centre, an Ottawa-based, live-in, extension program focusing on leadership in public policy, business and communications.

Dr. Buckingham has lived and studied in England, France and South Africa. It was while studying at bible college and working with the Jubilee Centre in Cambridge, England, that she developed a passion for applying Christian principles to public policy. Dr. Buckingham served in an advocacy role as Executive Director of Christian Legal Fellowship (1991-94) and with the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada as general legal counsel (1999-2003) and director, law and public policy (2003-2006).

In the fall of 2006, Dr. Buckingham had a strong sense of calling to take on leadership of the Laurentian Leadership Centre. While she had taught courses at the LLC, being the director gives her greater opportunity to invest in the lives of students. She is also pleased to now participate in academic conferences on religious freedom and human rights in Canada and internationally.

Dr. Buckingham currently resides in Ottawa, Canada with her husband and two children. They are all foodies and enjoy cooking for their family and friends.

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