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Think Different: Live Chat on Urban Religious Communities

Event Details

Cardus, World Vision and the Canadian Urban Institute teamed up to host "Think Different: Live Chat on Urban Religious Communities" on November 6-7, 2009.

Featured keynotes included Christine Elliott (MPP Whitby-Oshawa), John Tory (Community Leader) and Karen Hamilton (Canadian Council of Churches). Also featured the book launch of Think Different—Urban Religious Communities: Problem Solvers or Trouble Makers? (edited by Geoff Ryan and Robert Joustra). The photo album from the event can be seen here.

Agenda, Friday
6:30 pm Welcome: Geoff Ryan

6:45 pm

Dinner Plenary: Christine Elliott, M.P.P.
7:45 pm Responses & Discussion:
  • Kevin Moore, City Hope
  • Jane Pitfield, former Toronto Councillor
  • 9:00 pm Conclusion

    Agenda, Saturday
    8:00 am Welcome: Geoff Ryan

    8:15 am

    Breakfast Plenary: John Tory, Community Leader

    9:00 am Health Break
    9:30 am Response: Glen Murray, President Canadian Urban Institute
    10:00 am Panel Discussion:
  • Heikki Walden, Real-Estate Agent
  • John Horwood, Richardson Financial Partners
  • 11:30 am Health Break

    12:00 pm

    Lunch Plenary: Karen Hamilton, Canadian Council of Churches

    1:30 pm Health Break
    2:00 pm Panel Discussion:
  • Paul MacLean, Executive Director Potentials
  • Dani Shaw, former PMO staffer
  • Don Meredith, GTA Faith Alliance
  • 3:00 pm Conclusion: Geoff Ryan

    Posted in Cities. Linked to Cardus' Social Cities research project.

    This event happened on

    • November 6-7, 2009