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Canada Suffers from Religious Amnesia

Rev. Dr. Andrew Bennett, Faith Communities Program Director at Cardus, joins the Crossing Faiths podcast–a weekly podcast of multifaith conversations on religion and politics. “We have a twin problem,” Bennett tells Crossing Faiths. “There’s amnesia on the part of our ‘elites’…around what is religion, what role does it play within society, what role does it play in people’s lives, and how does that then affect how they integrate with society and engage with society? But then the other amnesia…is the amnesia within our faith communities, in particular among Christians. Christians in many cases, even those who are very faithful, have kind of accepted this modernist lie that religion is a private matter.” Listen to the full interview below:

February 26, 2024

Rev. Dr. Andrew Bennett warns that Canada, along with the broader western world, suffers from religious amnesia on two fronts.