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Culture, Canadian Demographics, and Climate Change

Date: November 15, 2023

Time: 11:00AM – 2:00PM (Presentation starts at 12:00PM)

Location: Arcadian Loft - 401 Bay St. 8th Floor, Toronto

Culture, Canadian Demographics, and Climate Change
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Are concerns about climate change affecting our country’s demographic future?

Demographics matter. The size, and nature of a country’s population has a tremendous effect on a country’s economic and social well being. While demographics might not be destiny, there is no doubt that it is the basis for a country’s culture, its workforce, the customer base of its businesses and so much more. Likewise, the state of our environment also has profound impacts on the same things. There are many in our cultural debates who pit these two issues against one another. But are concerns about growth, population and climate change at odds? Must they be? How might we think about climate change in the face of significant changes in Canada’s demographics? More importantly, how do Canadians answer these questions? And what impact might that have on our economy, our standard of living, and our society as a whole?

We are bringing together data, scholars, and public intellectuals to address these critical questions. Darrell Bricker, pollster and author of Empty Planet: The Shock of Population Decline, joins cultural and political commentator Ginny Roth, Andrea Mrozek, Cardus Family Senior Fellow, and Lyman Stone, demographer, researcher, and author of a recent paper surveying data on the impacts of climate change fears on Canadian birth rates. It discusses how culture and climate change are shaping the future of Canada’s demographic profile.