Marriage in a Dangerous Time (Past Event)

Marriage in a Dangerous Time

Date + Time

Thursday, June 11, 4pm ET

Quick Summary

Join us for a webinar to examine the changing Canadian family and explore what the pandemic may mean for the future of marriage.


Healthy marriages contribute to stable families and vibrant communities. Economic and cultural shifts have made it more difficult to enter and sustain healthy marriages. Reliable data can help us better understand changes in Canadian family life and inform the questions we need to pursue in supporting families in the years ahead.

Cardus recently published the Canadian Marriage Map, which compiles data on marriage in one convenient place, highlighting current trends at the national and provincial/territorial level. The project provides historical context and regional and international comparisons to help better understand marriage within Canadian family life.

Peter Jon Mitchell, Acting Program Director of Cardus Family, and Daniel Proussalidis, Cardus Director of Communications, will discuss recent trends in marriage, and what they could mean for our future.

Webinar length: 45 minutes

Date + Time

Thursday, June 11, 4pm ET


Live Webinar Panel Discussion