Planning in Good Faith (Past Event)

Date + Time

Wed, 18 June 2008
7:00 PM

Quick Summary

The Canadian Urban Institute and Cardus presented a one day conference. Delegates to this one day event were treated to an interactive, open discussion of pressing issues facing communities, people of faith and regulators.


The role of churches (and synagogues, mosques and other sacred spaces) is evolving rapidly as faith leaders adapt to an increasingly diverse urban environment. While some congregations are experiencing decline, some suburban congregations are growing. The traditionally informal contribution of faith institutions to community life has become an essential part of the social safety net provided by municipal authorities. The list of questions is long and challenging. Planning in Good Faith brought together faith leaders, urban planners, architects and others with an interest in finding responsible solutions to complex questions.

Read a series of follow-up articles by Stuart Laidlaw featured in The Toronto Star:
June 23: "Churches kickstart suburban sprawl, study shows"
June 26: "Exodus II a test for churches"
July 6: "Church brings the sun indoors"

Keynote: Stephen B. Scharper, Centre for Environment, University of Toronto and Calvin Seerveld, Institute for Christian Studies

  • Other Presenters:
  • Leadership, sustainability and innovation. What role can faith communities play in leading, sustaining and innovating new solutions in the City of Toronto?
    Geoff Ryan, Salvation Army, 614 Network
    Roberto Chiotti, Principal, Larkin Architect, Advisor, Greening Sacred Spaces
  • Building or belief? Is ownership of a physical asset still an essential condition for a congregation to be relevant in community life? Can a new religious enterprise thrive in shared space?
    Elizabeth Davidson, Principal, Davidson-Langley Incorporated Architects
  • Legacy, heritage and opportunity. Should faith institutions use their surplus assets to leverage community resources?
    Donna Mayer, Senior Advisor, Affordable Housing Centre, Canadian Mortage and Housing Corporation
  • Urban Planning 101 for faith leaders. What is the latest thinking in how to accommodate the demand for religious sites in the inner city and in fast-growing suburbs?
    Sandeep Kumar Agrawal, Ryerson School of Urban and Regional Planning

Date + Time

Wed, 18 June 2008
7:00 PM


Arts and Letters Club
Toronto, Ontario