Toronto Faith Alliance Luncheon (Past Event)

Toronto Faith Alliance Luncheon

Date + Time

Thu, 6 April 2017

Quick Summary

Join us for the Spirited Citizenship Vancouver Faith Alliance Luncheon on Tuesday, March 28th, in celebration of Canada's 150th Anniversary,


This event featured:

  • New Angus Reid Institute analysis of Canadians' attitudes toward faith and prayer in private and public life, and how religious plurality separates and brings us together.
  • Your early preview of Giving 150, a first-of-its-kind innovation in charitable giving for all Canadians.

Featured Speakers:

  • Ms. Shachi Kurl - Executive Director of the Angus Reid Institute, Co-chair of the Cabinet of Canadians
  • Dr. Andrew Bennett - Chair of the Cabinet of Canadians, Director of Cardus Law and Former Ambassador of Religious Freedom
  • Mr. Greg Pennoyer - Director of Faith in Canada 150

Date + Time

Thu, 6 April 2017


Oakham House
63 Gould Street
Thomas Lounge
Toronto, Ontario