CBC's 'The Public God' forum featured Father Raymond J. de Souza and Janet Epp Buckingham

CBC News

CBC's The Sunday Edition, hosted by Michael Enright, featured a program yesterday entitled: "The Public God—A Forum on the Role of Religion in Public Policy." Panelists included Rev. Gretta Vosper, Alia Hogben, and Moustafa Bayoumi, plus Convivium magazine editor-in-chief Fr. Raymond J. de Souza and Cardus senior fellow Janet Epp Buckingham.

"As much as possible," said Buckingham, a lawyer and professor at Trinity Western University, "we do need to allow people to live within their conscientiously and deeply held beliefs, but you have to separate professional obligations from personal beliefs."

Regarding Canada's Office of Religious Freedom, Fr. de Souza remarked: "Religious persecution is a massive problem. ... We're talking about massacres—every month, dozens and dozens, sometimes hundreds of Christians being killed. It's not only Christians; the Office of Religious Freedom deals with other minorities too. Religious freedom is one particular freedom that is a bellwether and indicates the general state of freedoms, and I think religious freedom, as highlighted by this government as part of their foreign policy, is a plus."

Hear the entire program at the CBC website.