Father Raymond J. de Souza appears on Cross Country Checkup with Rex Murphy

October 19, 2014
CBC Cross Country Checkup

Convivium editor-in-chief Father Raymond J. de Souza spoke with Cross Country Checkup's Rex Murphy about the topic of euthanasia. "Just the very fact that the court is taking up this question again would indicate that the decisions of 1993 would be at least subject to revision," said Father de Souza.

"Suicide has never been recognized as a good—something that's good for the person, obviously, and also for society as a whole—and the law reflects that. [...] But when you switch into a legal framework that says that in some cases, at least, suicide is a good—a contribution to the common good that should be allowed by law and encouraged by public policy—and you give, inevitably, the state the role of determining that, well, first of all, there's a philosophical shift, which is that some lives are considered, from the point of view of the law, not worth living. [...] Also, you have to accept that as a necessary consequence of allowing it in extreme cases, you will find in other cases, it will be applied, and the state will be in the business of advancing and even enforcing someone's death against their will."

Listen to the program (Father de Souza's interview begins around 0:28:00):
Should assisted suicide be a legal option?

Topics: Death, Law