Myths and Realities of the Educational Landscape in British Columbia

The Epoch Times

British Columbia saw some significant curricula changes in 2018 that are in stark contrast to the priorities many parents consider important for their children’s education, writes parent advocate Tara Houle. Parents in British Columbia are bridging their children’s educational deficit with private tutors. She points to a new Cardus report that reveals that 13 percent of B.C. students from kindergarten to Grade 12 attend an independent school.

"The demand for a more inclusive, rigorous education has never been stronger. And it’s clear that the demand is strongest for our most disadvantaged students. According to the Cardus report, 'Independent school enrolment would be even larger if lower-income families had better access. Parents value the opportunity and autonomy to select a school that they believe is the right fit for their child(ren). This is especially important for lower-income households.'"

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