Peter Stockland on Cross Country Checkup: 'You don't tell Albertans what to do'

May 10, 2015
CBC Cross Country Checkup

Peter Stockland chatted with Rex Murphy about Alberta politics from "behind the croissant curtain" in Montreal on Sunday.

The fumes that I could smell wafting across the Great Lakes and the Canadian shield from my beloved Alberta were the fumes of entitlement ... that you know, "You're gonna vote for us because you've always voted for us before." One thing I do know about Albertans from having lived there three times is you don't tell Albertans what to do, and you don't tell them that they owe you something.

On the new premier's family legacy, which he also wrote about for the Cardus Daily:

You can see it in Rachel Notley: There obviously a physical resemblance, but there's a resemblance of comportment as well, in that sort of fundamental ... sense of empathy, but it's also a deep sense of decency. It truly has passed on.

And on whether Notley's victory came as a surprise:

People think of Alberta as ... this right-wing bastien of all things republican and all the rest of it. It's not true. Alberta's much, much more of a communatarian province than most people realize ... its roots are deep in that ethos of doing for others so that they can do for you when the time comes.

Listen to this interview on Cross Country Checkup at the CBC website (from 0:24:58).