Comment Announcement re: Gideon Strauss


Since Dr. Gideon Strauss became editor of Comment in 1999, the magazine has grown significantly. His contributions as editor and a valued member of the Cardus team are deeply cherished. On October 1, 2009, Gideon was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of the Center for Public Justice in Washington, D.C. At that time, the Center, Gideon, and Cardus agreed that Gideon would continue as Comment editor for an interim period. Due to his responsibilities at the Center for Public Justice, Gideon recently formally informed us that "with much regret, I must ask you to allow me to withdraw from the editorship of Comment magazine at your earliest convenience."

With deep appreciation for the work that Gideon has done, Cardus has accepted Gideon's withdrawal effective October 15, 2010. The current team will continue with the editorial work of Comment in the interim until a long-term solution is in place. We wish Gideon every success and God's blessing in the opportunities that lie before him. We look forward to his continued participation and contribution to Cardus and our common work together as opportunities for collaboration arise.

—Ray Pennings
Senior Fellow and Director of Research, Cardus
Publisher, Comment


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