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Introducing the Building Meaning Project

Working with your hands: it takes skill, intelligence, patience, and a pride in what you’re doing. But in North America today, some of our policies and structures assume that getting your hands dirty is second-class work. The Building Meaning Project will reframe our understanding of the trades and make the connection between the dignity of working with one’s hands, good jobs, and a healthy Canadian economy.

In the Daily Commercial News, Cardus Work and Economics program director Brian Dijkema spoke about why this project is so important:

“We want to communicate that…construction trades work is actually meaningful, stimulating work,” he said. “It’s intellectually demanding, it’s intellectually stimulating and there’s a sense of meaning to when you’re able to build something.”

Read the full interview here.

For more on some of the trends that we’re addressing in this project, read Doug Sikkema’s article at the Cardus Daily: No Shame in Dirty Hands.

And visit for all the details.