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Social Justice and Christian Schooling Go Hand in Hand

Religious schools committed to common good, new series of case studies highlights. 


January 17, 2020

OTTAWA, ON – Canadian Christian schools display a commitment to social justice as an expression of their religious beliefs in unique ways. Think tank Cardus has published three new case studies that profile the cutting-edge approach some Christian schools have adopted in Indigenous issues, the environment, and caring for others through student-centred civic engagement. These studies are the first in the Pursuing Excellence series of school profiles that Cardus is releasing in 2020. Broadly defining Christian schools to include Protestant and Catholic institutions, both public and independent, the first set of case studies highlights the following schools:

Indigenous Issues – Father Robinson Elementary, Holy Cross High School (Saskatoon, SK)

Creation Care – St. Marguerite d’Youville Catholic Elementary School (Hamilton, ON)

Civic Engagement – Surrey Christian Schools (Surrey, BC)

Dr. Adrienne Castellon and Dr. Allyson Jule at Trinity Western University conducted the case studies in partnership with Cardus.

While the Cardus Education Survey has repeatedly shown that Christian schools contribute to the common good, there’s a gap in our knowledge: not much academic work exists to show the ways in which they do so. The Pursuing Excellence case study series will help build a fuller picture.

The studies are also meant to help correct the current over-emphasis in Canada on public schooling while drawing attention to the religious character of publicly funded and independent Christian schools. The first set of profiles is meant to help policy-makers, educators, and the public understand that Canadian Christian schools – Catholic and Protestant, public and independent – can and do display a commitment to social justice as an expression of their religious beliefs. While Canadians may not share the schools’ specific emphases or approaches universally, the Pursuing Excellence series offers examples educators may wish to consider.

In February and March, Cardus will release case studies profiling schools with a particular emphasis on student development and unique approaches to school operations. The first set of case studies is available online.

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