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STATEMENT regarding Ontario Daycare Space Creation in Ottawa


June 29, 2023

OTTAWA – Ontario is feeling the pressure to increase highly subsidized daycare spaces and may be tempted to lower standards to meet space creation goals. That’s what happened next door in Quebec, where that province previously adopted some of the highest caregiver-to-child ratios in Canada (including one caregiver for every five infants) in order to create new spaces. Even if Ontario meets its space creation goals under the one-size-fits all model, many families will still miss out.

Ontario and the federal government could instead have offered families a package of policies to address affordability including an enhanced CARE tax credit. Ontario families use diverse forms of care, but the $10-a-day system disproportionately serves upper-middle class and wealthy families.

  • Peter Jon Mitchell, family program director of think tank Cardus


Daniel Proussalidis
Cardus – Director of Communications

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