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Audited Financial Information

Cardus' financial statements are independently audited each year. Below you will find links to past year's audited reports and statements in PDF format.

Looking for the Centre for Cultural Renewal or the Institute for Marriage and Family (IMFC)?

Before joining with Cardus in 2010, the Centre for Cultural Renewal existed to explain faith to culture and culture to faith. That mission remains core to the work of Cardus and the Convivium project.

The IMFC was birthed out of a vision that healthy families build vibrant communities and a prosperous nation. Since the IMFC joined Cardus in 2016, that vision has fueled the work of Cardus Family.

Charitable Status

**Cardus is a registered Canadian charity (no. 11892 9207 RR 0001). In the United States, Cardus is a designated Exempt organization under section 501(c)(3), classified as a Public Charity (ID no. 20-2324150) in the State of California.