Dr. Moira McQueen

Moira McQueen

Dr. Moira McQueen

Senior Fellow, Faith Communities

Dr. Moira Mary McQueen graduated in law from the University of Glasgow, Scotland, and worked as a lawyer for several years, specializing in family law and juvenile court.

After her Master of Divinity Degree from the Faculty of Theology, University of St. Michael’s College, and the Toronto School of Theology, she graduated with a PhD in moral theology, also from St. Michael’s. She taught moral theology at St Michael’s Graduate Faculty of Theology in the University of Toronto from 1994-2022 and has written and co-authored many articles and book chapters in bioethics, fundamental ethics and other areas. The third edition of her book, “Bioethics Matters,” was updated and republished in 2023 and has been translated into several languages. Her book, “Walking Together: A Primer on the New Synodality,” was published in 2022.

Dr. McQueen was appointed Executive Director of the Canadian Catholic Bioethics Institute in July 2004. The Institute, chaired by Archbishop Leo of the Archdiocese of Toronto, has a mandate to conduct research and education in bioethics from a Roman Catholic perspective, and pursues bioethical issues in palliative and end of life care, reproductive technologies, stem cell experimentation and regenerative medicine, genetics, transgender issues, and other current areas.

As Executive Director, she is deeply involved in community education through CCBI’s courses in bioethics for parishes across the country, and through lecturing and consultancy sessions with school boards, health care institutions, priests’ seminars, conferences, and through media appearances. She is frequently consulted by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops.

In September 2014, Pope Francis appointed her for a five-year term to the International Theological Commission, a 30-member Vatican advisory body within the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith. She was the Canadian lay representative at the Second Synod on Marriage and the Family at the Vatican in October 2015.

Dr. McQueen received an honorary doctorate from St Mark’s, Vancouver, in 2015 and was awarded the Gold Medal of Assumption University in 2020. She received the papal honour of Dame of St Gregory the Great in 2014.

She and her husband, Dr. Matthew McQueen, have five adult sons and two daughters and, to date, 12 grandchildren.