Dr. Jaro F. Kotalik

Dr. Jaro Kotalik

Dr. Jaro F. Kotalik

Professor at Northern Ontario School of Medicine University

Jaro Kotalik, MD (Charles University, Prague), DMRT (University of Toronto), M.A. (Medical Ethics and Law, Kings College, London, UK), FRCPC, is Professor, Northern Ontario School of Medicine University; Adjunct Professor, Department of Philosophy, Lakehead University; and Associate Member of the World Medical Association.

He served as a radiation oncologist, CEO of Thunder Bay Regional Cancer Centre, Vice President of Cancer Care Ontario and Clinical Professor of McMaster University. He founded the Centre for Health Care Ethics at Lakehead University, was its director for 12 years and is now Chair of its Executive Committee.

He was appointed to the National Council for Ethics in Human Research and to several committees of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons. He served as a bioethics consultant to many organizations, including Health Canada and Swiss National Bioethics Committee.