Think Different

Launched at Think Different

, Cardus published a compilation of some of the most creative ground level thinkers and doers on public religion and urban policy.

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- Introduction by Michael Van Pelt, President of Cardus
- Bev Sandalack, Director Urban Lab (University of Calgary)
- Cheri DiNovo, MPP Parkdale-High Park
- Chris Cuthill, Art Chair Redeemer University
- Dani Shaw, Lawyer - former advisor to Stephen Harper
- David Smith, C.E.O. and Executive Director of Scott Mission
- Fr. Pier Giorgio Di Cicco, Poet Laureate City of Toronto
- Eric Jacobsen, Author Sidewalks in the Kingdom
- Faye Sonier, Legal Counsel Evangelical Fellowship of Canada
- Geoff Ryan, 614 Salvation Army, Cardus
- Gideon Strauss, President of Center for Public Justice
- Glenn Miller, Vice-President Education Canadian Urban Institute
- Glenn Smith, Executive Director Christian Direction
- Greg Paul, Sanctuary Toronto
- Heikki Walden, Real-Estate Agent
- Karen Hamilton, General Secretary Canadian Council of Churches
- Ray Pennings, Director of Research Cardus
- Russ Kuykendall, Director of Policy, Minister of Natural Resources
- Mark Peterson, Executive Director Bridgeway Foundation
- Joe Mihevc, Councillor City of Toronto
- Paul MacLean, Executive Director Potentials
- Paul Rowe, Associate Prof of Political Studies (Trinity Western)
- Peter Menzies, Commissioner CRTC
- Tim Sheridan, Pastor First Hamilton Christian Reformed Church
- Timothy Epp, Associate Prof of Sociology (Redeemer)
- James Watson, Salvation Army
- Conclusion by Robert Joustra, Cardus

Topics: Cities, Religion