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Our common life is dependent on tens of thousands of daily interactions with public and private spaces. Our society and the social architecture that supports it is framed by the law and the institutions it constantly shapes: the courts, legislatures, corporations, and other private and public bodies. The law also affects how we gather together in the public square to express ourselves, to manifest our faith, to form associations, or to be educated or healed. In this sense the law helps us to order our human society, to support its flourishing, and to do so around such foundational principles as freedom, justice, and truth.

Through its research program and events, Cardus Law articulates the importance of the law in establishing this order and in helping to ensure that fundamental freedoms are guarded and upheld by institutions, including the courts and legislatures, and individual citizens.

Cardus Law fosters emerging scholarship, facilitates public discussion, and engages legal processes without intervening to uphold our belief that the law serves society thereby enabling human flourishing and the advancement of the common good.

Religious Freedom

Cardus Law is particularly interested the role of religious freedom in sustaining an ordered society where citizens' faith informs a vibrant public debate and where the public and private expression of religious faith helps to shape our common life. The nature of human personhood and our human dignity relate directly to this foundational right of religious freedom. We aim to affirm this in our efforts to understand how this right can be best guaranteed and support other fundamental freedoms.

    Read "Defending a Foundational Freedom" by Dr. Andrew P.W. Bennett

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