Our latest project – The Anglosphere Project – looks at the history of religious freedom in the United Kingdom, The United States of America and Canada. A joint initiative of the Religious Freedom Institute and Cardus, it offers a constitutional and institutional history of this foundational liberty in the Anglo-American tradition. Read more at this link.

We believe in upholding the importance and centrality of religious freedom in our common life.

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Andrew Bennett

Director, The Cardus Religious Freedom Institute

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Andrew Bennett: The Chinese Communist Party is routing its oldest foe: religion
REPORT April 29th

The highly organized policy in Xinjiang is the most coordinated effort to suppress a religious group. Fr. Dcn. Andrew Bennett, director of the Cardus Religious Freedom Institute and Cardus's director of faith community engagement, comments on the state of religious freedom in China.

Quebec Superior Court decision moves Quebec closer toward anti-religious society
REPORT April 27th

Justice Marc-André Blanchard recently struck down parts of Bill 21, which was adopted by Quebec in 2019. Quebec’s Superior Court decision has mostly upheld the provincial law that prohibits public sector workers in positions of authority from wearing religious symbols at work. Father Deacon Andrew Bennett, director of the Cardus Religious Freedom Institute, responds to the ruling.

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