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Andrew Bennett

Director, The Cardus Religious Freedom Institute

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A New Face for Canadian Social Conservatism
REPORT August 18th

Christianity Today reports on a Canadian politician who speaks publicly about the importance of her faith.

"At Cardus, [Andrew] Bennett sees dangers associated with both the American and Canadian approaches to religion and politics. He worries that in some ways, Christians in the US have come to conflate their faith and politics. While he believes Christians should be involved in politics and be active and informed citizens, it is dangerous when politics becomes core of a person’s identity. "

UN Religious Freedom Report Fails to Protect Freedom
REPORT April 8th

The UN Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Religion or Belief (FoRB) recently issued a report on the global status of religious freedom. But instead of pointing out egregious religious oppression in places like China and Pakistan, the Special Rapporteur calls for governments to create “an enabling environment for pluralist and progressive self-understandings to be manifested…” writes Rev. Dr. Andrew Bennett in RealClear Religion.

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