About the Work and Economics Research Project

Work and Economics is our most active, and long standing research project, heralding from our original days as the Work Research Foundation. Above you'll find some of our key projects over the years.

What we believe and how we work are more connected than we often think. At Cardus we think we're onto something—a way of connecting belief and behaviour in work and economics—a way of organizing our understanding of work and economics in North America that can contribute to the common good.

You can learn more about what Cardus offers in the work and economics sector through this two-page overview.

What do we mean? Read about our first principles in Comment:
President Michael Van Pelt, on "Pioneering Worldview Economics" and "Work";
Director Ray Pennings, on "Kuyper's Sphere Sovereignty and Modern Economic Institutions"; and Senior Fellow Gideon Strauss on "The DNA of Economic Life" and "Market economy? Yes! Market society? No!"

Latest Research in Work and Economics


Canada is in the midst of a new industrial revolution which is changing the face of our economy. Resources— long lamented as the means by which Canadians served other, more developed countries—have instead held Canada steady through a global economic crisis and maintained an industrial core.

The industrial revolution currently taking place in Alberta’s oilsands is not just Alberta’s industrial revolution, but the largest piece of a pan-Canadian industrial revolution. A revolution which, like its earlier counterparts, provides both tremendous challenges and opportunities.

Latest in Work and Economics

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